"Tag" view

The tags are immensely useful for subdivision of tasks, especially when dividing the main view of tasks into major groups that are defined as separate from the tags.

Searching a tag brings up a view that shows all tasks within that tag, this is great but it can be improved.

This functionality should be available within the project view itself as a toggle-able view, just as there is a timeline view or board view we should have a “tag” view. Ideally changing the style of this view from task list to board should also be an option.

Additionally, when this view is triggered, the “Sections” under which each task was added (in the task or board view) should be easily visible on each task. In essence, the “Sections” titles would become tags in this tag-centric view.

If this is all too hard, then adding some kind of one-click to bring up the search of that tag would also be acceptable (but obviously nowhere near ideal).

fyi we created a tool to list tags.

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Hi @CreativeNorthMedia , this is actually possible. If you enable the tags in the list view (from the Show/Hide fields button) and click into the cell’s values, then a 2nd click on the tag itself will bring up the search results of that tag.

Ok, well that’s two clicks, not one :sweat_smile:

image image

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Hi Richard,

Oh ok yes, I didn’t do that second click! Clicking on the tag opens the cell and this threw me off, though it does make sense I guess.

This is a nice workflow enhancement for now, but I’m really missing a view where I can see all tags in their own sections.

Thanks again!

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Also I’ve just realized that clicking on the tag brings up that tag for EVERY project, which is helpful but there are so many situations where I just want the tags from a single project. Yes it divides them into sections but when I have 10 projects sharing common tags, going back and forth defeats the whole purpose.

Jic you’re wondering I have common tags because these are repeated projects with the same tasks, lead times, outcomes, etc… so it doesn’t really make sense to have completely unique tags.

One workaround you could add is that if I select a tag from within a particular project, THAT project should be at the top of the alphabetical list. The remaining list would be sorted in alphabetical order. The project at the top should also be coloured differently to illustrate its not a part of the alphabetical list, OR you could also have the project show up later in the list so programming this would be easier.