Tag-related reports not working

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

Searches/reports with tags for incomplete tasks aren’t working. If “Any” is used for “Completion”, then it works.

Steps to reproduce:

See screenshots

  1. Create tasks with a tag
  2. Search for incompleted tasks that contain that tag

Browser version:

Upload screenshots below:

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Hi @nathan.g! and thank you so much for taking time to report this.

i’ve tried to reproduce on my end what you did in your example and I was able to run a search for Incomplete Tasks that contain a specific Tag.

Could you please share with us the screenshot of the results when:

a) searching for Incomplete Task that contain that tag
b) searching for Any Task that contain that tag

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi @Natalia,

I actually was able to get it working this time. I’m not sure what I did differently; it might’ve been an error on my part.


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Great news @nathan.g! Thank you for keeping us posted!

Have a great Wednesday!