Tab+P not working correctly?

When I use Tab+P to add task to a second project, it does that…but then deletes from the original project. I am trying to have the tasks in both projects.

The use case is that I am using the projects for weekly meetings. These are to-do items that need to roll from week to week. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

To clarify… These are subtasks that I am trying to duplicate. When I put them in another project, it works…until I convert them to a subtask. Then they go away in the old project.

This is actually not specifically related to having them in two projects. Rather, it’s because there is a basic behavior of Asana that subtasks do not automatically belong to the project that their parent task is in. By default, a subtask doesn’t belong to any projects.

If that seems like an odd behavior, you’re not alone. See (and vote in) this forum thread for more info.

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