Tasks added to more than one project duplicating in my tasks



Hi Asana Community,

I’ve had the free version of asana for a while, but haven’t leveraged all its tools or really made it part of my workflow. I’m trying to get set up now and I have a problem I’m hoping someone could help me with.

I want to be able to add a task to more than one project. My goal is to create “overview” type projects that let me see multiple projects at a glance. However, when I add a task to 2 different projects it shows up with twice in the My Tasks section even though it’s one task assigned to two projects.

When I tried to get my projects mapped out in Asana to get started, after I created everything I went to my tasks and things were duplicated many times to the point that it made my tasks unusable.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi @Jaime_Weatherby. Welcome to the community… That doesnt sound right. Two questions;

1 - Are you using Tab +P to associate the task with the second project.

2 - Are you using recurring tasks.

Maybe include some screenshots as well.



Hi @Jaime_Weatherby :wave:t3:

I have pretty much the same questions than @Jason_Woods; are you using the “multi-home” function to add the same task to mutliple projects?


Hi @Jaime_Weatherby,

Is it possible all your tasks have been marked as “Later”?

The Later section breaks things up by project making it look like there are duplicates:

If so, start moving your tasks into Today or Upcoming. There are keyboard shortcuts that make this easy along with multi-select.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts as well as the icon that appears next to the assigning in the task showing how the task is marked when you’re within a task screen:

  • TAB+Y = image Today
  • TAB+U = image Upcoming
  • TAB+L = image Later

Hopefully this is your issue. If not, we may need screenshots to help us understand what might be happening.


Oh yeah that’s it! It’s just the way it comes up in the Later section - thank you!