Tab N shortcut not working the same in main task list

I use sections in my main ‘My Tasks’ list all the time, creating new ones each morning. I used to just press Tab N and it would make a new section here, but recently it’s started making that new section within the task I have selected, even if it isn’t fully open on the right hand side.

Hope that makes sense! Something’s definitely changed.

Hi @Greg_Smith1 :wave:

Yes, that does make sense.

Though, I can’t reproduce as I don’t experience the same issue on browser (Chrome).

Are you using a desktop(which OS) or Browser version (which browser)?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Greg_Smith1 , do you see the below when you hover over the Add section option within the +Add task button’s menu?

If so, this is because you have a ‘Group by’ enabled within your My tasks (see top right area). Set it to ‘Custom sections’ so that you can add a new section, and actually see it once it is created.

I’m using Chrome on Mac. Just updated to the latest and it’s the same.

I have realised though, if I click on a task in the left hand side, then close it on the right, it does then work. It never used to be the case though. As long as I hadn’t clicked on a subtask within the task on the right hand side, the shortcut would create a new section on the left in My Tasks, not within the subtasks. This is definitely not what it used to do.

If you just click on a task in My Tasks once, then without doing anything else click Tab N, you should see it creates a section in the sub tasks, not in My Tasks.

It’s a very small issue and it’s not like I can’t create new sections. Asana is just one of those muscle memory apps that I go to hundreds of times a week.