"Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections

Stephanie, your answer addresses my first question - thank you! Any thoughts on how to mark a Section complete? I see some other folks are having that problem, too; we need the whole section to move to completed items instead of having the section name hang out there with nothing under it. Ideas?


My understanding is that a Section can no longer be marked Complete. All one can do is Rename it or Delete it.

For coping methods and/or workaround, what I’ve done is made sure that every task within a project still makes sense even if it is not associated with a Section. Therefore, when all the Tasks are marked Complete, the Section can safely be deleted without (much) information loss.

If it was impossible for me to encode all necessary info solely within tasks, I’d probably create a Tag corresponding to each Section that would eventually have to be deleted, and bulk Apply that tag to all tasks within a Section.

This all fits within the theme I have been posting on, whereby the lack of control over views of our data means that we have to create workarounds to keep views usable. Most people don’t want to see a long list of Sections wherein all the Tasks were closed months ago. Some do, however. I would prefer a system where we all had full controls including filtering and sorting over all entities in each view, plus the possibility to save multiple views and assign various views to various groups. That’s just not the system we are all using.


Actually, I really don’t think you want to do that. I’m pretty sure that deletes ALL record of each of those completed tasks in that section if you delete the section (Asana actually warns you of this before you delete the section). You would need to adjust the project filters to see the completed tasks and move them to a new section first.

Asana has pretty much made Sections unusable for temporary things as you need to keep an empty section just sitting in the project forever. It’s definitely annoying if you know you don’t want to add new tasks into that section.


Sure, you’re right Todd. Try it this way: Therefore, when all the Tasks are marked Complete, they can be moved to a parking lot location and the Section can safely be deleted without (much) information loss.

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Hi folks, just a friendly reminder that this post has to do with the Shortcut to create Sections. Please make sure to use relevant feedback threads to share your feedback (I’ve listed a few below) and create a new #tipsandtricks if you have specific questions related to Sections.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Here’s the thread to vote for being able to mark Sections Complete: Mark Sections as Complete (in new spreadsheet List view)


Thanks! Voted!

Despite this not being about Tab-N and a specific request above to use relevant threads … , Marie asked me to put it in this topic, and closed the place I posted it :frowning: so not much choice to put it here …
I love subheadings, create and destroy them all the time, but the change today has made them substantially less useful.

Up until today, you could select a heading, hit the delete key combo and its gone, no longer, instead you have to select, click the drop down, delete, confirm and then oops - just deleted all the tasks in the heading.

Also previously you could drag a heading around, but no longer - now it takes all the tasks with it.

Please look at the different ways people use Asana before making massive changes like this - I use headings as markers - specifically what I’m going to get to do when - I drag them up and down a list for example “By lunch”, then delete it after lunch and so on. Now I have to go back to using character combos like ‘========’ to indicate a heading, which is one step backwards from when adding a “:” at the end would turn it into a heading.


What the…TAB-N is working again! Thank you Asana!

Agreed Mitra. I know Asana has the best of intentions but I think in this case they copied all the other clunky “3 clicks to create something” models used by most softwares and forgot what made asana great, I could be typing this and simply add “:” and BOOM, on the fly this is a section, a sexy divider, a title for some thoughts. I think Asana should simply leave the new tab N feature in tack with the drop downs, AND put back the old “Sections” but call them “headers” with the colon funcionality.

Also the drop downs is just useless without them auto collapsing by default. terrible thought on Asana’s part


Is there a way to bring back separator lines for section headings?

Thank you.

Wow! I had no idea we could create sections for subtasks as well and I’ve been using Asana on and off for almost 6 months now! I’ve only just learnt about it today via this thread. That goes to show how un-intuitive some of the functionalities In Asana can be. Unbelievable!