Tab for keyboard shortcuts is weird

Two pieces of feedback around keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Never in my life have I encountered an app that would use Tab+. Have you considered using the standard Cmd/Ctrl keys instead? I know that some shortcuts will be reserved by browsers but anyway, all the web apps that support keyboard shortcuts do this with Cmd or some other method, Tab+ feels highly unusual which I perceive as “wrong”.

  2. The UI shows the shortcuts as TabX (I use ␣ for space). This is confusing because I thought that I should pres Tab and then X, not together. Why? Because the shortcuts are usually written as Tab+X or Tab-X, and I use apps like VSCode where space means “press this key after releasing the previous ones”. For example, Cmd+K␣M in VSCode means “press Cmd-K, then release these keys, then press M”.

I agree!!

In the original post that I no longer can edit, where it says “Tab+”, it should have been “Tab+<something>”.