What happened to the Tab+/ keyboard shortcut for "Search projects, tasks, people, or message"?

Hi, so the “Search projects, tasks, people, or message” keyboard shortcut used to be Tab+/, but now it’s switched to Ctrl+K, which is the same one used to insert a hyperlink. Is that on purpose? If so, why? One keyboard shortcut for two functions is confusing; it worked better when each had their own shortcut.

It’s especially a problem when editing a task Description – Ctrl+K only inserts a hyperlink and there’s no way to get to the search unless you exit out of the Description.

Could Tab+/ be brought back, please?

Hello @JC11 ,

Welcome back to the forum :slight_smile:

I am on a German keyboard layout and here the equivalent of “TAB + /” is actually “TAB + ,” which still works for me. So it seems that I can now get to the Search bar by using either “TAB + ,” and “CTRL + K”. Is your “TAB + /” not working anymore?


Thanks for the tip – the “TAB+,” shortcut just worked for me!

“CTRL + K” also works, though “TAB + /” is still defunct. They’ve also scrubbed that latter shortcut from the cheat sheet; only the duplicate former is shown:

Glad it worked for you @JC11, it’ll take a couple of reps for your brain to rewire to TAB + , instead of / but once you get used to it, it’ll work fine. I’ve been using that probably hundreds of times a day, every day for years now :slight_smile:

I honestly believe that the whole Asana interface needs right now some keyboard-shortcuts focus and using “Asana-only-with-the-keyboard” love. I am pretty sure it is on their list, probably just not the highest, but it is, especially for advanced users key to user experience and efficiency.