Command-Click Project to Open New Tab Not Working in Search Bar

When in the Search Bar, Command or Control Clicking on a desired project is not opening a new tab like us used to. I want to open a few communities at the same time, but am unable to as the CMD + Click feature is not working properly. Can this be fixed?

Hi @Steven_Arnold, thanks for flagging this and apologies for the inconvenience!

Can you please make sure your keyboard is set to the right language? It’s important to note that some shortcuts may not work if you’re using a keyboard with a non-English input.

On the other hand, could you please be so kind as to log out from your Asana account, clear cookies and cache + use an incognito window to log back and confirm if the issue still persists after that?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hey @Ainhoa_Rico, this seems to be working this morning without needing to clear anything! :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hi there @Steven_Arnold , thanks for the update, that’s great to hear! :smiley:

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