Systematized Approval Workflow



It seems the approval workflow is recommended to be set up by using custom fields.

Is there any way to automatically assign a task to the “approver” once the custom field is updated?
For example, if I change my custom field on a task from “Work in Progress” to “Ready for Review” can the task automatically then be assigned to my designated approver?

From what I understand assigning the task to the approver is a manual step and not something that triggers automatically when the custom field is updated. This makes the user responsible for assigning the task to the approver rather than the system automatically doing it.


Yes this kind of behavior cannot be automated in Asana. Maybe have a look at Zapier, but not sure they have a trigger for custom field change…

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I understand it is not a current functionality however would be great if Asana can put it on the road map.

As a tool used to manage projects and tasks - I can’t be the only one looking for an automated approval workflow. (As most projects/tasks have some sort of approval process)


I concur on automated approval feature without having to create separate approve tasks. Custom fields for approval don’t send a notification to the approver that they need to approve it.