"Sync_error" occurrences

Hi guys,

About once a day (though sometimes I can go a few days), my Flowsana integration receives a webhook whose type is “sync_error”, with the message, “There was an error with the event queue, which may have resulted in missed events. If you are keeping resources in sync, you may need to manually re-fetch them.”

Granted Flowsana receives many thousands of webhooks a day so this is a pretty small error rate, but still, if it means someone’s workflow or rule does not work properly as a result, it’s a potential issue.

I can tell from the webhook which Flowsana user account had the error, but nothing further that I can see, and it’s not practical at that point for me to query every project and task for that account to try and figure out what might have been missed.

I’m wondering if you have any insights into what causes these sync errors and/or how we might mitigate the situation when it occurs. Thanks!

@Joe_Trollo @Matt_Bramlage @Jeff_Schneider @Ross_Grambo