Asana Webhooks always returning a 'sync_error' response.

This is the response that we get from every webhook that is triggered(Not a one time occurence):
{“events”:[{“action”:“sync_error”,“message”:“There was an error with the event queue, which may have resulted in missed events. If you are keeping resources in sync, you may need to manually re-fetch them.”,“created_at”:“2022-05-15T13:28:19.501Z”}]}

I read this: "Sync_error" occurrences - #5 by Phil_Seeman but this says it happens sometimes, but right now that is happening for every webhook that we trigger.

@Joe_Trollo @Phil_Seeman

Something is very wrong if you’re getting sync errors like that.

(Joe Trollo is no longer with Asana.)

cc: @AndrewWong but I would also report this via email to api-support at asana dot com.