Webhooks are constantaly returning "sync_error"


Starting a few days ago, I’m receiving multiple “sync_error” notifications per day.
Here’s the full payload of webhook data:

{"events":[{"action":"sync_error","message":"There was an error with the event queue, which may have resulted in missed events. If you are keeping resources in sync, you may need to manually re-fetch them.","created_at":"2018-03-16T05:18:26.639Z"}]}

What has been changed in webhooks or should I do something different from my side?


@johnnygoodnow any change on your side?


As far as I remember, “no changes on my side”/


I cannot confirm now unfortunately :frowning: i hope there is no problem with webhooks api


Still the same issue. Now I get about 10 errors like this per day.


I will try to check it in the week @Dmytro_TOLSTYI and i will let you know


@Diakoptis Now the issue happens much less often but it’s still there…