Webhook sync_error


Created a Webhook in asana to trigger whenever a project is created. It was working fine till last week.
Below is the error message we get,
“events”: [
“action”: “sync_error”,
“message”: “There was an error with the event queue, which may have resulted in missed events. If you are keeping resources in sync, you may need to manually re-fetch them.”,
“created_at”: “2022-08-05T10:22:10.400Z”

We have built a tight integration with asana and power automate, because of this issue we are losing the production data.
Checked the asana outage status it seems fine. Not sure how to proceed from here.
Kindly pour out your suggestios.

Hi @Data_Team1,

Hmmm, these sync_errors used to be pretty common but the Asana API team put a huge amount of work into rebuilding parts of the whole webhook infrastructure, and since then, these errors have been virtually non-existent for me (aka Flowsana) and I know other devs also. So I’m surprised to see this error rearing its ugly head!

@AndrewWong any thoughts on this?