Lots of webhook "sync_errors" occurring

@Ross_Grambo @Jeff_Schneider

Flowsana’s webhook endpoint has gotten 94 sync errors in the past 30 minutes or so and they’re still coming in steadily. Is there perhaps an issue with the API?

Did you try the Slack as well? They might answer faster there.

It seems that the errors stopped after about 12 hours and 766 sync_errors.

I have a support ticket in - they’re looking into what happened and hopefully will have an explanation. :crossed_fingers:


Hey @Phil_Seeman, sorry I didn’t mention anything here. I’m waiting on a write-up of the incident from the API team. It should come out later today.

Cool, thanks, @Ross_Grambo, looking forward to it.

I actually think it had a pretty major impact on my app - I’ve been getting reports yesterday and today from my users that their workflows aren’t working. I suspect their webhooks got deactivated or deleted in your system due to the sync errors. I’m running my routine now that removes and recreates all of my users’ webhooks; hopefully that will solve the issues.

I haven’t got the full run down, but I believe you’re right. They said users would need to recreate their webhooks.

@Ross_Grambo @Jeff_Schneider @Matt_Bramlage

Hi guys,

My Flowsana app is having sync_error issues again. Started at 1:05 am EST today. I’ve gotten hundreds so far, and they’re still coming in fast and furious. Will also contact support. Please help, thanks!

Just to connect these threads, there was a write-up about this outage here: Webhooks/Events Outage 2021-02-01

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