Webhook creation failing?

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Hi guys,

It seems that all of my app’s calls to create new webhooks are failing in the last hour or so with a “400-Bad Request” return. Is there a known issue with webhook creation at the moment?

Are you able to share the error message returned with the 400 response? Our logs show that only Flowsana is encountering elevated 400s recently.

Hmm, not sure where to look for additional error info - here is what I get:

You can see I do a PostAsync and you can see what comes back. This was working fine till an hour or two ago - no code changes.


I just did the call in Postman and it worked! So the issue must be on my end in the code - not sure what changed but I will keep working on it. Don’t think you need to spend any more time on it on your end unless you hear back from me.

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It looks like the response body in your code is the response.Content which is a StreamContent. You’ll have to consume the stream and log that to see the error.

Yeah, just did that:

{“errors”:[{“message”:“resource: Not the correct type”,“help”:“For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors: Build an app with Asana”}]}

I think somehow it’s passing the wrong resource id. The code didn’t change but it’s pulling the id from a data element so that must be wrong. Anyway I’m sure it’s my bad esp. since it works fine in Postman - sorry for the false alarm!

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