Sync Asana Calendars to Outlook or Shared Teams Calendar?

I found this old post about integrating Asana and Outlook calendars (Outlook Calendar & Asana), but it’s quite out of date. I also don’t see any new/updated apps in the Asana Apps & Integrations list.

We have a need to sync team/project calendars from Asana to either an Outlook calendar or a shared Microsoft Teams calendar.

#1 - is this possible yet through out of the box Asana integrations?
#2 - if not, has anyone else been able to accomplish this by using another integration tool such as Microsoft Power Automate, etc?


Hi @anon30196395,

I don’t think this is possible yet. Check out however this answer by Andrea where she mentions a workaround.

Also, you might want to upvote this Product Feedback here.



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