Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)



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List to Board, Change Templates

I’m not sure why this doesn’t exist but I’d like to convert Lists to Boards, or change templates, or switch back.


Hi @Patrick8 there is lots of commentary about this have a look at this thread.
Enable Switch Project View (List / Board) to be changed on the fly
Based on some updates in progress with the API and sections, I think the day that you will be able to switch between lists and boards will be arriving soon…



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For what its worth. Much support and quite some time later… Our organisation has been wanting, hoping and praying for this feature for quite some time.
It couldn’t come soon enough :pray:


Let’s hope that this will be done by March, to celebrate the 2-year wait :slight_smile:


This would be great. It was mentioned in another reply years ago but Wrike and other sites can change the view on the fly and can also let you choose the default view you want to view it in. Just having the flexibility and not having to decide “Do I want a list or board?” Then realizing later down the road a board would of been better…