Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)


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List to Board, Change Templates

I’m not sure why this doesn’t exist but I’d like to convert Lists to Boards, or change templates, or switch back.


Hi @Patrick8 there is lots of commentary about this have a look at this thread.
Enable Switch Project View (List / Board) to be changed on the fly
Based on some updates in progress with the API and sections, I think the day that you will be able to switch between lists and boards will be arriving soon…



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For what its worth. Much support and quite some time later… Our organisation has been wanting, hoping and praying for this feature for quite some time.
It couldn’t come soon enough :pray:


Let’s hope that this will be done by March, to celebrate the 2-year wait :slight_smile:


This would be great. It was mentioned in another reply years ago but Wrike and other sites can change the view on the fly and can also let you choose the default view you want to view it in. Just having the flexibility and not having to decide “Do I want a list or board?” Then realizing later down the road a board would of been better…


Hi @Lavar_Lawrence, we’re currently working on implementing the option to switch between Board and List (see context in "Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections); I’m hoping to have some good news soon! :slight_smile:


Sorry, but I am totally confused… all I want to do is look at my project that is set up as a Board in the format of a List, and visa versa… I have no idea what a tab+N will do for me and where I even use that to toggle between the Board and List formats for my project. Is there anything more descriptive for non-coding folks?


+1 from me. Freedcamp can do this and I am thinking of switching because of that alone


I’m all for the functionality of being able to switch back and forth from board to list view, but in doing so, this took away the ability to switch between a task and a section header. Is there any way to accomplish both? It was really convenient to be able to switch tasks into headers and visa versa… Even if you don’t bring back the colon, perhaps the Tab N could be the same keyboard shortcut, but just able to toggle between task and section header?


Any updates on this from Asana team?


I want to add my request for this to happen. We have members that prefer list view and members that prefer board view so we’d like to be able to switch between them within the same project.

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To clear up the confusion…

You don’t use Tab+N to switch between list and board. It’s not possible to switch between them yet but it’s coming for sure.

What @Marie was referring to was that currently in Asana, sections in lists and sections in boards are two completely different objects behind the scenes. This is what’s preventing Asana from implementing the ability to switch a project between list and board views.

In order to provide the ability to switch views - which they are definitely doing because they know it’s important - they have to convert all list-project sections into board-project sections (that’s a bit of an oversimplification but good enough for this discussion). That is a massive undertaking - remember there are literally millions of Asana users - and quite an involved process under the hood and otherwise.

The Tab+N that Marie was referring to was the fact that before they could even provide the capability to turn list-sections into board-sections, they had to create a standardized way to create sections, and they chose Tab+N.

Rest assured that this whole process of transitioning sections is definitely in motion. You’ll hear more from Asana as the time comes when you can actually convert your account’s list-sections into board-sections; again that’s the first step. Once all list-sections are converted, then Asana will be able to add the ability to switch a project back and forth between list and boards views.

For those who want more gory technical details, you can see this thread:


I would like to be able to change the view of my projects from List view to Board view. Currently I can create either List View or Board View projects. Is it possibly to add the functionality to change the view back and forth? Thank you for your consideration.


A post is already opened on that topic, you can vote here:

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I was able to switch by exporting the board to a csv file, setting up a new project list by importing the file. It worked great! Then all I had to do was archive (or you can delete) the old project.