Switch the task editor as a popup while in Calendar view

Is there a way to switch the task editor as a popup instead of flyout? I cant see everything I need to and it condenses the screen far too much.

Hi @Charly_Marritt , welcome to the forum :wave:
Yes, you can use Tab + X on your keyboard while in a task to go into fullscreen mode :wink:

Thanks! But that wasnt what i was looking for as that requires more actions, the attached is what I see when I was to edit a task, previously the edit task panel would overlay the calender which was much easier to edit, now this fly out menu reduces the calender to almost useless visually and the edit panel more difficult to use and almost unusable when the window size is reduced

@Charly_Marritt try right clicking the task. There should be an option to open the task in a new window/tab.

@Charly_Marritt , @Paul_Grobler I’ve created a new topic for this since it does not appear to relate the new sidebar design.

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