Adding & Editing a New Task in Calendar View Without Leaving Calendar View

When I add a new task in Calendar view, it lets me add almost everything except sub tasks and tags. So I’ll create the task, then when the little pop up in the bottom left appears, I’ll click on that to open the task and add sub tasks and tags. But clicking on that takes me back to list view inside a single project. If I prefer working in Calendar view and looking at all my tasks, then I have to click on “My Tasks” to get back to all tasks and then click Calendar view again. Its a lot of clicks for someone who would rather just stay in the calendar view and might be creating new tasks all day long.

I answered my own problem. Instead of clicking on the pop up, I should just click on the task that appears in the calendar. Problem solved :slight_smile:


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Glad you where able to resolve your problem yourself they are the best ones…


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