Switch between board and list with an external solution?


If nothing happens in the next weeks I think I will code it myself quickly :slight_smile:


Definitely a needed solution. Bridge24 does have the ability to view a list view as a board in their tool (the section headings become the columns) which I thought was neat. I did quick interview with their team here about the product:

Todd Cavanaugh


just do it like JIRA. Desparately needed


+1 - Must have


Add it as a premium feature and will probably ready much quicker. Since there are already so many waiting for it. :sweat_smile:


I know there is an external paid solution coming up with real-time sync from an another dev team, and probably a free one without sync from my team.


any update on this? because without the ability to switch from list/board it’s kind of a nightmare to properly manage everything (and the trick to create a list+board project is really not ideal)


Just to be clear, the solution I have in mind is the following:

  • connect to the service website
  • select a project
  • the website creates another project with the other layout (list > board or board > list)
  • the website proceeds to multi-home each task into this new project

The result is two projects (board and list layout) with the same tasks. An option would allow to not multi-home but move tasks. This will not allow to choose a “way to visualize”, it will actually move tasks around, and will take several seconds or even minutes depending on the project size.

About the ETA, I have no idea. Tomorrow I am deploying a new version of Templana I have been working on for a while. Then I have a few major improvements to apply, and then I might move onto this project :slight_smile: I already have the logo though :sun_with_face:


Definitely yes


Hi folks,

We are looking for some Asana users that are interested in converting their list projects to boards (or vice versa). We also have the ability to continue maintaining both projects and keep them synchronized as well if this is something you would like / need. Please send me a message if you are interested.




I’m interested in having this functionality available. Is that what you mean?


I’ll let you guys try @Maggie_Reddi tool. And we’ll see if I release my own solution later.


Yes please :slight_smile:


Definitely interested! Thanks!


Yes please would be fantastic!


Yes, I’m interested


I’d be interested. Being able to switch between views in general should have been a native Asana feature but any usable solution is better than none!


Is there an update to this? This feature seems like a no-brainer, and I’m surprised it isn’t native to Asana.


On the surface it does seem like it should be a no-brainer. FYI, under the hood, though, there are some things that make it more complicated, and possibly why it isn’t currently available.

One big thing is that sections are represented differently in list and board projects within Asana’s data store. In list projects, sections are simply a task with a colon at the end of the name. In board projects, though, sections are stored as a unique data type that’s distinct from tasks. I’m purely speculating but I’m guessing that at some point they will modify how list-project sections are stored so that they’re also stored as this unique data element, and that might then make it easier to allow switching between list and board views. There may be other differences that complicate matters as well, but sections are the one that us Asana third-party developers well know of.

Converting project type from List to Board or Board to List?

Hi we dentsuaegis.ru team want to test the tool of converting board 2 list, list 2 board.