Switch between board and list with an external solution?


@Maggie_Reddi how is it going with your tool?
On my side, I am comiting to not start any new project in 2018 :sweat_smile:


Sorry folks, I’ve stopped responding as we’ve already had some users go through and run some tests for us. We are just making some final tweaks before we release publicly. We will first have the list 2 board conversion ready first. There are some additional tweaks we are doing for the other direction (board 2 list) and it will be coming a few days later.

For those of you that can’t wait for the detailed instructions, videos, etc. that will be on our website, you can follow these instructions to attempt a conversion:

  1. Register for an account at https://office.reddiapps.com/ProjectProcesses/.
  2. Click the blue button to create a new process.
  3. Select Asana and Custom Actions (bottom right) as the two systems to integrate.
  4. Select List 2 Board conversion when prompted and complete the wizard.

Please send me a message or email support@reddiapps.com if you have any questions or run into issues along the way.


This is a great idea! thanks for developing this process. I don’t suppose you are thinking of making Board to List version as well?


Thanks for doing this. Keep us posted!


Works well, already tested!


I have the same question, BTW :slight_smile:


We are working on a board to list version as well. We should have this all wrapped up and available for general consumption, along with videos walking you through the process, etc. in a few more days.