Switch between board and list with an external solution?



When I am looking at Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa) I see a lot of interest for this feature. I am not sure if Asana would do it soon.

So in the mean time, hypothetically speaking, if I was to develop a solution that would allow you to select a project and have all of its tasks to move to a new project with the other layout, would anyone be interested?

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Do you need a developed solution? Surely to switch now all you’d need to do is create the new project, select all tasks and move over to the new layout.


True @paulminors but it becomes a little more complex when you want to turn sections into columns and vice versa isn’t it? I did not say it would be the software of the year :sweat_smile: , but if it can save times for people until Asana fixes it, that might make sense.


Great point!


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My director was just asking me if we could do this and I was searching for the help to do it. It would be a good thing to have. :hugs:


I am still evaluating the idea and looking for someone to help me :slight_smile: if you known any web developer looking for an opportunity to create a product from A to Z, send her/him my way!


Yes!! So hope you can get this happening… :slight_smile:


It would be a good temp. solution IF all the changes from one view would automatically be applied to another.

I do wonder why something that seems like a ‘simpel’ product change can’t be implemented the correct way? Maybe anyone from product dev team can pitch in to explain the complexity of changing views?


The “product” I have in mind would not have the synchronisation, at least at first.

I can answer your question because I asked it myself: the underlying data model is not the same at all and allowing the switch would be complicated if you want to do this properly. That is at least what I understood. Yes that seems crazy from the outside, but as an web engineer I am not surprised this can happen.

Asana consultant, author and developer


Couple of things…

  1. Asana is one of the few apps that I have evaluated that doesn’t allow the task list, kanban board VIEW switch. I can’t remember another one that locked you in to either view only.
  2. Personally, I think kanbans are less useful if they don’t have automated workflows, but that’s me.
  3. I’m not sure what the OP is suggesting, but can’t you move tasks between the two project types by exporting and then importing? It may not export and import every aspect of the project, I know “task repeating” doesn’t carry over, but if it’s just to start a new project and get you 96% there, the export/import works.


@B_Lewis and @Francesco_Alessi thanks a lot for your support! Asana agreed that I open this alternative thread to discuss my alternative, and not to resume the conversation of this missing feature. I am sure you will understand if @Marie from Asana moves your message into the original thread.

Thanks a lot!


I think Airtable does this well in that you can organise your Kanban by custom fields (single choice dropdown).

So if I have several custom fields, the Kanban will create columns based on all available values (High, Medium, Low priority for example).


To answer the question in the OP directly, I don’t think this it would be all that helpful. I mean it is and it isn’t. The whole intent for toggling between Kanban/List views in the first place is to view the project structure in a way that is more meaningful to the viewer. For instance, Kanban may be more helpful for a developer, while list view may be more helpful for a PM (or vice versa). It’s really just a matter of preference. So for me, having the ability to migrate the entire project over to a new project seems like an overly an cluttered and ultimately wrong solution to the root problem.

Now if we were merging old “list” or “kanban” projects into a “hybrid” project that supported both…that might be worth exploring a bit further. :slight_smile:



Yes, this would be a great feature. Thank you!


Something is on its way :wink:


Yes, please create something :slight_smile:


Someone I know is working on it. I don’t know the details yet (realease date, pricing or free…)


this would be a useful feature!