Swimlanes and Kanban boards

Swimmlanes would be great indeed

This is indeed a very needed feature. Could start simple by allowing rows based on custom field value.

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Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Per your advice, I’ve now taken some extended time to work in Asana and learn the tool. FWIW, have not found a good substitute for very simple swimlanes or organization of a board by vertical categories. It is a super common concept, especially when using a board to lay out a high level product roadmap to easily and visually organize features by product component or teams. The timeline view is not useful for this. I’m not designing a workflow; thanks for that reference - i’ll remember for the future if I ever have the need.

I’ll continue to use the product and work around this for now given other benefits of the platform. Also looking at alternatives purpose-built for product management that have this capability to see if we might move that aspect of our Asana usage to another platform while keeping Asana in place for the general project stuff.

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kanban board without swimlane is not suitable for comlex processes. please add this simple feature asap

This is from 2017. Was this ever implemented? Seems like a no-brainer.

It seems Asana has chosen to go dark on this very old idea. No update on yea it’s on our roadmap, or not it’s important for us, or is too expensive to build. Some type of response will let us move on to other products, and my guess is some on this post already have.

I would argue having swimlanes on the timeline view does not support the idea. One thought is to have an additional layer above or surrounding the existing lane in the view.

Plane.so which is an open-source alternative project management system already supports this. It’s a shame that Asana still doesn’t have this. Big dealbreaker and the reason why I’ve stopped evaluating Asana and moved to a different alternative.

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+1 for this feature

It’d be ideal if the columns could be a custom field and the swimlanes sections (or vice versa)