Swimlanes and Kanban boards



It would be great to use kanban boards and have possibilities separating stickers with swimlane which would be very useful when you work with Kanban methodology. Thanks.

Board Project : Column names as Swimlanes in Timeline
Please add swimlanes to Timeline

1+ for this feature! Swimlanes would make agile development methods easier to implement in Asana without having to spend lots of time constructing workarounds.


So agree. The workaround is going to take me a couple hours to set up, and additional minutes per new task to maintain.


Hi @Amanda_Cherry, is the workaround that you’re using documented somewhere?


No. I’ve basically created:

A project for each client (these are organized as lists, not boards)
A project for me for internal tasks (with a column for each team internally)
A project for me for external to client tasks (with a column for each

Each task I ever enter gets added to two projects: 1: a client project and
2: either the internal or external “me” dashboard

This way I can track my tasks by client, client tasks by team within the
building who is responsible for completing it, OR all tasks for any client.

Improvements to integrate boards into Asana environment

+1! Use case: Market Roadmap with Quarterly columns. Would use swim lanes for each department - Product, Sales, Marketing.


Our team would LOVE the option to select both columns and rows (“swim lanes”) based on any of our custom tags. Such as status automatically mapping to each column on the kanban and priority being the vertical rows. Or we could quickly swap the rows out for assignee, which would let us quickly drag and drop between assignee while also seeing how is swamped and who is thin on work.

Why doesn’t this already exist? You’re 99% of the way to making this flexibility possible!


I would love if, on a board, I could create swim lanes based on tasks, such that each swim lane would

  • be titled with the title of the task it represents;
  • contain that task’s sub-tasks which can then be moved between the board’s columns.

This would help our team immensely with managing our Scrum-like process.


We also need swimlines on the kanban board! it would be very helpfull.


+1 here. Swimlanes on our development board to differentiate between projects would be awesome


I must +1 this as well. I have a small group who’s using RoadMunk to organize, create sprints, view and present their roadmaps in a clean consistent way. I’d like to roll what they’re doing in RoadMunk into Asana to keep everything consolidated in one system, but I can’t justifiably ask them to give up something that’s working well until I have a just as good replacement.


+1! Is there any intention to introduce this feature?


+1. Swimlanes are an essential part of how I use Kanban. Would love to see them in Asana.


Swimlanes by assignee are a near-essential way to view work at a daily standup where you are interested in organizing the discussion by task assignee. Swimlanes by tag are obviously useful for monitoring progress on other dimensions.

The issue with Boards for scrum practices and daily standup is that with neither swimlanes nor simple fast filtering of the board (quickly switch view of a board to filter by assignee, by custom field value, by tag, etc), the board gets very difficult to visually navigate.
Swimlanes and filtering both serve similar function - which is to be able to go through tasks in different orderings.
You loose a lot of value to a board if you really have to mentally iterate through tasks on the board only in the vertical column ordering.


+1 for adding swimlanes to boards. minimum useful feature for me would be a check box that enabled a swimlane for each assignee and one for unassigned tasks. pie in the sky feature would allow for picking the swimlane filter criteria from a list of fields (or even custom fields), which would make it much easier to inspect the progress of an epic, sub-project or whatever.


swimlanes makes the board 2 dimensional and gives it much more flexebility


Yes! Filter the view by assignee will be very helpful for the team in seeing the progress only on their tasks!


+1 to swimlanes

Just implementing sprint boards on an agency portfolio level, so not specific to one product but multiple, and as it goes: without swimlanes/rows the board quickly gets cluttered with unsorted items. Made all the worse by the fact that additionally assigned projects or even parent tasks are not shown on cards in board view. (Only custom fields.)


Was evaluating this for a large team. Lack of swimlanes was a dealbreaker for us.


Any update on this? Having swim lanes at Asana would be super useful for me and my team.