Swimlanes and Kanban boards



Agree, used this in other software and is a real missed feature for our team in Asana


I agree, we have just started using Asana, and Swimlanes and more Filtering options are sorely missing.


Any word from the Asana team about adding swimlanes to kanban boards? Or at least being able to filter tasks by assignee would be a decent solution in the meantime.


Yes please add this feature asap. This is the reason why we have moved to Breeze.pm since they offer this feature and for blogger Outreach campaigns this is a must since the workaround is not feasible.


If you have a List project with Sections, the Timeline view will show you a form of swimlanes - where each Section is a lane. The swimlanes can be reordered by reordering the Sections in List View.

However, Timelines cannot currently be filtered in any way - not even for Hide Completed, let alone by assignee or other fields. I certainly agree that full-featured filtering in every data view is a must-have.


I am looking for a way to view tasks on a Timeline grouped by the column they belong to in the Project (Board type ) , the same sort of timeline grouping by “Section” that is available for a “List” type project ? This is almost a deal breaker for me !


Hey @John_Dixon, thank you for your great feedback.

There is already an existing thread on this topic, I have gone ahead and merged your question with this thread. Please feel free to leave a vote on this main thread if you would like!

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I love timelines - this is going to be a great feature as you guys keep improving it.

I actually really like the simplicity - but the one thing I’m missing is swimlanes. I manage 4 separate products but manage one consolidated roadmap in an Asana project with a timeline.

With custom fields, I can sort of indicate different product lines but it’s very manual to keep re-grouping features into de facto swimlanes. More importantly, it’s not very clear to the stakeholders as to which product area a feature pertains simply by color.

Swimlanes would really help take this feature from good to great!


Yes! This would help so many of the issues I have using a Kanban board in Asana.


Swimlanes would certainly help, as would some options to reorder/group tasks within timeline view.


Thanks Edda , so I guess that means “no” , currently this is not possible …mmm