Disassociate Sections from Timeline "swim lane" grouping

Our team bifurcates Asana use cases based on individual roles and responsibilities, this is very common. Engineering typically leverages a Kanban style Board for daily (so, 3-4 Asana sections including Backlog, ToDo, In Progress, Done). Success is being able to accurately represent the status of work and the Workflow module aligns with this use case. Overall Asana rocks it here.

Program and Product leverages the Timeline in-order to glean the broader picture inclusive of dependencies, milestones, task status, etc. Success includes intuitive presentation.

However Asana makes the strong default assumption that Tasks in the Timeline should be grouped by Asana Sections. This results in a Timeline view with Tasks that change “swim lanes” based on real-time status (see above). The expected behavior is no association between Section and “swim lanes”.

Consider disassociating Sections from Timeline “swim lanes” (the horizontal group of tasks). This may generously fit within the scope of the “sort by” feature which currently defaults to a “Section” sort (though not explicitly named this, rather it is blank).

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Justin_Sinichko! Hopefully we can implement this option in the future, I’ll let you know if I have any updates!

@Emily_Roman - Can you expand on if the Timeline module is behaving as expected? I’m struggling to understand how the Board and Timeline modules evolved to this current state, or if I am missing an option that releases uses from Asana’ strong opinion that all of my tasks should be grouped by a Section in the Timeline view.