Support for additional video messaging tools beyond Vimeo

I just read the Vimeo announcement ( Asana for Vimeo Integrations | Product Guide • Asana.

In our view there are much better video recording tools available (i.e. and we would love to have a choice for the video provider integrated with asana. A significant amount of companies will already have invested into tools like berrycast, loom, cloudapp, etc - and the choice of Vimeo seems particularly weird as it is a traditional video hosting and playback service, but lacks a lot of the productivity aspects of the other platforms like Berrycast (incl. native recording, MS teams integrations, mouse highlighter, etc).

We would love to have the evideo messaging feature extended to be able to choose a compatible video messaging service of choice.

You can attach Loom and other platforms to a project. The Vimeo integration is recording directly into a task. Not recording, uploading, then attaching.

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Thanks - this is just for project briefs, though - not in the day to day task management. But I just learnt that the Berrycast chrome extension automatically renders videos into asana tasks, when a link is pasted. so that is already pretty awesome.

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