VIMEO not habilitated in Premium Organization

I’ve read that Vimeo should be available by default for all users in Premium organizations, in our case this is not true, none of us have it available we do not know what to do to make it work (to add videos in comments)

Hi @Francisco_Jiménez,

I read that Vimeo recording is only supported on Chrome and Edge.
Is your team using other browsers?

For video messaging, recording is supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Viewed recordings are supported by Safari, Firefox, iOs, Android and desktop.


You’re right! I was using with Firefox, thus why it was not working!
Is there any plan to make it work n Firefox as well?

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Thank you for confirming, @Francisco_Jiménez1!

While Asana usually doesn’t share any concrete plans (see Is there a product roadmap for Asana? - #2 by Phil_Seeman), other users want to have the integration in Firefox as well, so I hope Asana will consider adding Firefox soon in the future :crossed_fingers:

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