Recording feature in description disabled?

Has the recording feature been disabled?

Hey @Jenny_Cadwallader1 welcome to the Asana Community :wave:

The feature should still show, I am not aware of any issues currently.

Have you checked various tasks in different projects and it does not show in any?

If so I recommend looking through the troubleshooting steps such as checking whether there any browser updates or checking your extensions which might be causing an issue.
Also logout and in again and in case it is still not working then I recommend reaching out to support
When doing so please ensure to provide them all details about the problem and ideally a screenshot as well.

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Hi @Jenny_Cadwallader1

To add the what Andrea has mentioned.

Just to note if you are using the Desktop Version of Asana App recoding is not available. It is only available via the web currently.



And also it is not available within all browsers I believe. Chrome has it, I believe Safari doesn’t :thinking:

That’s right, Bastien! For video messaging, recording is supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Viewed recordings are supported by Safari, Firefox, iOS, Android and desktop.

@Jenny_Cadwallader1, please also note that if you have an Enterprise plan, your Admin can disable the feature for the entire Organization: Vimeo & Asana | Product Guide • Asana


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