Support Emojis throughout the whole app

For project titles and task titles on the web version of the app, support emojis!!!

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Hi @James_Knight - this is currently in the works! We love emojis too :smile:


Here’s a good article about business uses of emojis:

This might seem like a small thing, but I really think it could make such a huge difference in how enjoyable the app is to use. Would really love to see this soon :heart_eyes:

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The only emoji’s currently working in the team/project/task headings, yes I tested them all.

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Yes, please bring emojis!

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Any update on this? No rush, but I just discovered this submission after penning my own. Glad someone brought this up and really appreciate the testing that other users have done above.

For now, I’ll have to settle for a parenthetical “dead” instead of a “:skull:” to mark the death of a project… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just looking for an update here…

I noticed that some emojis appear in project titles (:cloud:, for example) while others do not appear and are replaced with “??” (:inbox_tray:, for example).

Hear, hear! I would like to see this, too.

Is there a rough timeline of when this will come about? (I fully admit that this is by no means mandatory for me, but would be nice. I actually went to use one and it didn’t work, which led me here; it wasn’t just an out-of-the-blue thought).

Thanks @Dylan_Graham for testing those which already work! (Does this have to do with unicode versioning or something, I wonder?)

To pay it forward, here is a text version of that screenshot, in case anyone wants to easily copy/paste what’s available:

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Oh wow :laughing:…I didn’t expect that. Well, it looks like this text editor wasn’t fond of it. It may still work if you copy the above and paste it into Slack or something else which will render those as emojis, then copy and paste that into a .txt file or similar.

Would love to use emoji’s if they actually worked - would love an update on this! And thanks to those above who tested to see which ones work. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!

REALLY looking forward to full Emoji support :innocent::v:

This is so helpful thanks! I noticed some emojis did appear and others didn’t but I didn’t want to keep typing/retyping in trial and error. Much appreciated.

Thanks, Dylan. You’re awesome.

Any update here? It’s been a year and bunch of the emojis still don’t work, but what’s interesting is that you can actually see the emoji when editing the project name - it’s only when you save that it is no good.


Actually you can have emojis whenever you want, using the correct keyboard shortcut to show a keyboard emoji! I explain how in my latest thread about business emojis The best emojis for business and work in general