Subtasks show up differently for different tasks


I would love for all my subtasks to show up like the ones for the Spotlight and Takeover but I have no idea how to duplicate the tasks/subtasks so it will do that.

Can someone help?

The first “Make Graphics” item on the screen is simply not a subtask, otherwise we would see the grey parent task name. You can go to that item, then the three-dot menu > convert > to subtask.

This is a better example photo.

The yellow task has subtasks but they are nested. I want the subtasks to show up like the blue subtasks does but cannot figure out how to duplicate the blue subtask.

You want the subtasks of the yellow task to show in the list? Then you need to open those subtasks, and in the right pane go to the three dot menu > Add to project, and add those subtasks to the project.

OR you remove the sort that is currently applied, and an expand arrow will appear on the left hand side of the yellow task.

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