Subtasks suddenly have reduced functionality

I normally don’t use subtasks very much for various reasons. But today I needed to build a large ongoing project for which subtasks would be ideal. However, after setting up fields and a few parent tasks, I could not get subtasks to work as they did recently. Specifically, when adding a subtask, the black expansion triangle to the left of the parent task in List view no longer shows and the subtasks do not nest in line beneath the parent. Instead, only the subtask icon shows to the right of the parent name and I have to open the parent task to see the subs.

The craziest part is that, after many many test projects and test tasks, I found that subtasks WILL work as previously with a new project but only for a short time … the expansion triangle and subs nested below the parent literally disappear after an hour or so!!

What’s going on? Is this a known bug? Or is it deliberate? The way it’s working right now will not be very useful to my project members. Being able to pop open the subtasks in the list of all tasks made them far more visible.

I should also mention that old projects with subtasks still show the old way with the expansion triangle and I can still add new subtasks to the List view without needing to open the parent task.

Hi @Glenn_Huffman,

The expansion triangle only shows if your view is not sorted; once you apply a sort, subtasks will not show. Does that explain what you’re experiencing?

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Wow, I was hoping it would be something simple and fixable … and it was!! Never suspected it was due to sorting. Thank you Phil for putting me back on track.


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