Subtasks reporting Tableau

I have trouble working with subtasks section, I need to create a report in Tableau for all Asana data, however when I export it to Tableau as csv, some subtasks do not get exported correctly (in different columns resulting in missing assignee)
Any idea how to fix it?

Hi @Daria_Gurova, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Since the issue since to be related to the CSV file that is exported, our support team will be in a better position to help you to solve this asap. Could you please contact them following these steps and share the following information:

  • Example of the CSV file
  • Project you are trying to export

Our support team will be able to investigate further once they receive this information! I hope the issue is solved soon.

Hi @Daria_Gurova

Did you manage to solve this, I am also facing the same challenge