SUBTASKS in the "Later" My Tasks section don't group under Projects like the other tasks do, but instead appear under "No Project"

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I like using the “Move to” function in My Tasks, and I customarily put tasks that are part of projects into the ‘Later’ status, knowing that they will be grouped by Project down in that section. But then recently I noticed that if it’s a subtask, it does not actually go under the relevant project, but instead it shows up in the “no project” project section under ‘Later’. Super frustrating as it mixes in with the other truly no project tasks.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a subtask of a task inside of some project. Assign it to yourself. Go to My Tasks, find it at the top (recently assigned) section, and click Move to “Later”. Then you’ll note it went into a “no project” project in the Later section, instead of under its parent task’s parent project.

Browser version:
Google Chrome Version 79.0.3945.130

Upload screenshots below:
I’ve attached. Note the two subtasks at the bottom of the screenshot, clearly demonstrated to be subtasks, as the parent tasks’ names are to the right.

Hi @Phil_Murray,

This is actually not a bug, but rather is Asana’s expected behavior. The reason is that by default, Asana does not automatically assign subtasks to the project of of their parent task (or to any project, for that matter). Because they’re not attached to any project, they show in the My Tasks “Later” section under “No Project”.

You can manually assign a subtask to its parent task’s project, and then it will show under the project in “Later”. But doing that has its own side-effects that can be drawbacks in some scenarios (most notably that the subtask will appear in the project list or board just as if it’s a top-level task).

Lots of people would like to see subtasks automatically inherit the attachment to their parent’s project to solve this issue; you can vote for that program change here:

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