Issue With Subtask Grouping In Later

Does anyone know how to overcome the ‘No Project’ grouping for subtasks when they are moved to the Later section of My Tasks?

I have subtasks in the Upcoming section (from the same project) and they aren’t grouped as ‘No Project’. The thing is, they are all in a project, and the same project.

Just 1 data point here; I can’t replicate your issue myself. In My Tasks/Later, I see apropriate headings as follows:
Project Panda
X Panda Task 1
X Panda Subtask 2 (see Note below)
Project Koala
X Koala Task 3
No Project
X Projectless Task 1

which is what I believe you’re expecting. Please note: A Subtask does not automatically assume the project assignment of its parent Task; you have to make that assignment specifically.

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To echo @Stephanie_Oberg’s point, what you’re experiencing has to do with the fact that subtasks do not appear as directly associated to a given project. Instead, subtasks are connected to a given task. So, in the same way that subtasks do not appear in project view unless you use Tab+P to add them to a project, subtasks will not appear with a project name in My Tasks/Later.