Why are some tasks grouped under "No Project" in My Tasks?

When I sort My Tasks by Project, I have some tasks that are grouped under No Project. These tasks are clearly associated with a project. Thinking it may be a permission issue, I reviewed the permissions section of Asana guide but was not able to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

If those tasks are actually Subtasks, it is expected Asana behavior for them to be listed under “No Project”. (The parent task does NOT bequeath its Project assignment to its child Subtasks.) So can you please clarify, are they Subtasks?


@Amanda_Wilkie sorry to hear you are having this issue.
What Stephanie provided should assist.

The easiest way is to click on the task which is not associated with a project from the main view. Once you click on the task, and it opens up, can you see the name of the project in light grey at the top, above the task name. If you can see the project name, it means you have access to the project and all is working as intended.

If you do not see the project name, it could mean that you do not have access to that project, or the person who assigned the task for you did not include it in the project itself.

If you could check that and let me know, I should be able to assist further.

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