Subtasks in second line bring up to a new section

Hey Guys, maybe somebody can help, our Account Manager build up a list but put several tasks as a second subtask of a task. I now need to reorganise it directly in sections for a better overview…

Can you guys tell me how i can do that smart?

Hi @sven_wedig and welcome to the forum!

You can accomplish what you want by dragging and dropping the subtasks as illustrated here:

However, note that are are two variations of this process, depending on whether you want the subtasks to remain as both subtasks and also show as top-level tasks, or if you want to remove them as subtasks and just move them to be only top-level tasks (from your post, I suspect you want the latter of these options):

If you want them to remain as subtasks and also show as top-level tasks, drop them directly onto the name of the section.

If you want to remove them as subtasks and only have them show as top-level tasks, drop them anywhere other than onto the section (in this case, when you drag them, you’ll see a thick horizontal line showing where they’ll end up when you drop them).


Hey Phil thank you so much, i mean this works but it just **

** the task and i do want not to duplicate it i want to drag and drop it and loose it in the “old list”

Do you know what i mean?

Hi @sven_wedig, thanks for reaching out! It’s currently not possible to hide the subtask from the list view when you add it to the project.

If you want to remove it from the subtask list and make it only appear under your new section, you can drag it to the same section “Influencer Relations” (to convert it to a task first) and then you can drag and drop it in your new section.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

You guys are so great. So sorry for my stupid questions, i got it.


No worries @sven_wedig! All questions are valid and we’re happy to help! :raised_hands: Thank you!

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