Subtasks have no Project

This was mentioned back in 2019 (4 whole years…) and the “solution” was that subtasks are not associated with a project.


This doesn’t make any sense at all. A subtask should inherit its parent task AND the parent task’s project.

In our use case specifically, this messes with a few things:

  1. We use one project template for all of our onboarding projects. Multiple projects have the same exact tasks and subtasks. When searching for a subtask, you literally cannot tell which project it was created in.
  2. When looking at the My Tasks dashboard, you literally cannot tell which project you need to complete X Task for. This is related to #1 because multiple projects use the same tasks via our template.
  3. I’ve built a comprehensive Power BI report to delve into our utilization of Asana. Since subtasks do not belong to a project (and assigning one to them makes them parent tasks… defeating the purpose of using subtasks at all), they do not appear in our project overview reporting.

Why why why in 4 years has this not been taken seriously?

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