Subtasks, and assigning multiple collaborators

Two questions. I have about Subtasks.

Lets say you have a primary task.

Within the primary task you have 4-5 subtasks.
Is there a way to add multiple collaborators within the subtasks without going to individuals subtasks and adding multiple collaborators.

Its easy to add multiple collaborators when it’s done in multiple primary tasks. But I haven’t been able to do that to a subtask.

The other question is there a way to move multiple primary tasks into a subtask?
I know you can move Primary tasks into a subtask if you do it individually. But what if I want to move 6 tasks to become subtasks of a primary task?

Hi @Roman_Goshev - you’re correct about both of these things, actually. We do need to go to each individual subtask in order to add multiple collaborators. In addition, you’ll need to add tasks to subtask (so they become sub-subtasks) one by one. As an alternative, I suggest that you update your workflow so as to not reply on sub-subtasks. Have you considered using Sections instead? I’ll bet that if you use sections within your parent project and sections within each task, you won’t need to rely on subtasks and sub-subtasks. Please let us know if you have other questions!

Alexis, the thing is your Asana Tasks are so robust and I love it. But there are solid reasons to have subtasks. If only they could be used in a similar fashion like tasks, Asana would be 200% better, expanding usability in multiple ways. I understand the sections but that won’t really apply. I am are already using the sections / categories extensively.

There was another thread by Todd who pointed out [major flaws in the subtasks.] The first point the biggest flaw. (To Subtask or not to Subtask) You can easily go through information quickly in tasks, but not subtasks.

Any chance that asana can do something about subtask to develop the functionality?

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Hi Roman,

Thank you for your feedback! We have seen such feedback about subtasks and explored the thread you mention. Our product team is working on prioritizing these types of requests against other customer requests. You might appreciate this post about how Asana acts on product feedback in the Community: