Subtasking and Project Association


There has been any number of discussions regarding use and limitations of subtasks. I have a couple questions.

  1. We know that sub-tasks are not automatically associated with its parent task project. It appears to me that you have to add your first project to a subtask with Tab-P. Am I missing the icon on this.
  2. If you do an advanced search sorted by project, the subtasks I believe are not indented. I am having some problems getting the view back to Parent- Subtask. How after an advance search do you get back to the normal view with buried subtask.

I know that these seem like simple questions but having a little bump on this as I don’t use subtasks a great deal.



  1. You are correct. Since the Subtask doesn’t belong to a Project by default, there is no Project name listed and therefore no indicator or icon next to the Project name to work with. Use Tab-P. After you add the first Project there is an icon.

  2. The advanced search is a work around to show all Tasks and Subtasks. The Subtasks aren’t indented, but there is an indicator in the list that it is an Subtask and of which Task.
    If you want more than that, you could look at Asana2Go as an option to create a better formatted list of Tasks and Subtasks.