Subtask still in parent after dragging to project sorted by something

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
When project view is sorted by something (I have tried due date and a custom field), dragging a subtask out of its parent into the project as its own task leaves it in both places. If you change the project to not be sorted, this problem goes away.

Steps to reproduce:
Go into a project and sort it by Due date by clicking the “Due date” title at the top. Create a task. Create a subtask within the task. Drag the subtask out of the parent to be directly in the project as its own task. Notice that while it does now appear as its own task, it is also still inside the parent as a subtask.

Browser version:
latest version of Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome (84.0.4147.89)

Hi @Jesse_Dickey, thanks for your report and sorry for thee trouble!

It seems you cannot convert a subtask to a task when sorting by due date. I tested this and when I dragged and dropped the subtask in the main list of tasks, it only added the subtask to the project but it was still a subtask. For this reason, you see the subtask in the list of tasks and also as a subtask. I’ve gone ahead and created a task to our development team to confirm if this is working as intended! I’ll keep you posted!

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!

I discovered a workaround for this issue. Instead of dragging the subtask into the list of tasks from the project, you can drag it into the name of the project in the left panel, and drop it there. Then it will both appear in the main list of tasks and no longer appear as a subtask where it was before.