Organizing subtasks inside a Project

Several months ago I remember having no problems reordering tasks in each of my companies Project folders. The click and drag function worked on every single task no matter how many times it was listed inside a larger task. For the last several months I have been unable to rearrange the order of subtasks inside tasks inside projects.

For example: Project (Logistics) > Task (Next Year Prep) > Subtask (Weekly Plan)

I can click and drag Tasks, but not Subtasks inside those tasks.

I can “sort by date” but that causes the Tasks to no longer have a dropdown menu to easily see all the subtasks inside of them. It would be amazing if that feature could return - or be added. Thank you!


I don’t think it’s ever been possible to reorganize subtasks in the main tasks view in list view.

You have to open the parent task’s Task Detail pane (right side) where you will see all the subtasks appear (scroll down) and you can reorganize them there with drag and drop.

Hope that helps,



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