Dragging multiple subtasks out to become tasks removes date

I am not sure if other data gets lost, but if you have dates on several subtasks, and then multi-select and move them out as a group, the dates disappear. Since we cannot duplicate sections, we often create a “section” as multiple subtasks, then copy the parent task into the project and move the subtasks out. Having to either move the subtasks individually, or manually enter dates after the move, slows things down considerably.


Do you have a sort in effect?

I just did this in My Tasks List View with no sort and the dates were not removed.


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Well I have tried it a couple of different ways and cannot get the issue to happen again. Thanks for your input.

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There was a very weird case, once upon a time, where this would happen. I believe it was in a My Tasks view sorted by date, if you dragged into the section “No date set” or something like this…

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Yes, that’s why I wrote:

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