Two problems | 1) Cannot delete sections, even when they contain no task at all | 2) dates of tasks disappear when moved to sections


I cannot delete sections, even if they contain no tasks at all the ‘delete’ option under the three dots is greyed out.

Also, possibly unrelated to the above, the dates of my tasks are deleted when I move them to from the ‘generic list’ to a ‘section’ which basically makes Asana unusable…

Does anybody have a solution to these two problems please?



@Thomas33 can you share a screenshot of either of these issues? I can’t tell what you mean by ‘generic list’. And about the option to delete, are you trying to delete the only section in a list? My guess is that you must have at least one section so if there’s just one it won’t let you delete it.

Thanks for your response Jorge!

The sections ‘sit’ under the section ‘No due date’, they automatically open there upon me creating a new section. After that I can’t delete them anymore…

@Jorge-wms as to the issue with the dates, when I move tasks from the ‘main view’ (i.e. at the top of my task list, see screen shot) to any of the sections included in the screen shot of my previous reply (which automatically sit under ‘No due date’) then the dates of my tasks disappear.

Ah I see you’re in My Taks section, and using Due Date sorting - this is why it won’´t let you delete a section (they’re based on the sorting selection), and why things are listed based on their due date, so adding a date will obviously remove the item from the “No Due Date” section.

Try setting the “Sort” option to “None” on the top right and see if that fixes the problem.

@Jorge-wms that works, super, thank you! :pray:

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