Subtask Dependencies

Hi @Melissa_Hoppe, and welcome @Lis_Engelsman,

Yes - making a task dependent works the same way whether it’s a task or subtask. I discuss this in some more detail in this post above in this thread:

In addition, I really like the workaround posted just above by @Darbie_Pelachick - very handy, Darbie!

This is not possible with Asana. However, it is definitely possible using my Flowsana integration - both the Dynamic Duration and Auto-Adjust workflow types do exactly what you’re wanting.

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Hi all

It seems that it is possible to mark a task as complete even if it has uncompleted sub tasks. This seems to be the case even if the sub tasks are marked as dependencies.

Is it possible to set the task so that it is not possible to mark it as complete unless all of the sub tasks (dependent or not) have actually been completed?


Hi @John_Versfeld and welcome to the forum!

No, sorry, this is not currently possible.

There is a thread requesting that this feature be added; you can add your vote here:

Thanks @Phil_Seeman! I have added my 10c to the thread.

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