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Hey there, I’ve organized several tasks within a ‘template’ project, each with a list of subtasks. The tasks basically serve as an individual marketing campaign (email promotion, webinar, etc.) with the subtasks representing the individual tasks that each member of the team needs to complete. I’m trying to make some of the subtasks dependent on the first subtask listed (getting content from a stakeholder), but it seems like all subtasks are getting marked with that dependency.

Any ideas on why that’s happening or how else I should be approaching this? Thanks!


Hi @Trask_Rogers, you’ll want to click into each subtask via the comment bubble to then set the dependency for that particular subtask (via the … icon up top)

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This is great, but there’s seems to be a limit in the dropdown menu of 10 items. How can I see more that 10 items as I have 12 possibilities?


Hi Randy,

Could you clarify your question? You shouldn’t be seeing a limit to the number of subtasks. However, if you’re doing work with a large quantity of subtasks, you may want to consider transitioning the task to a project and the subtasks to tasks (task/subtask --> project/task). While subtasks can be very useful, they can become difficult when in large quantities.

Please let us know what you think of this suggestion and if you have further questions.


I’m using a Board that has 13 tasks. Within each task are 4 subtasks. 3 of the subtasks are dependent on the previous within that task. When trying to select a previous subtask, I can only see 10 of the 13 possibilities.

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I have the same problem with dependency search results. We’re dealing with a sizeable project right now with a bunch of parent tasks that have practically identical sets of subtasks. Trying to assign dependencies between the subtasks of any one of the parent tasks is a nightmare, because searching a subtask name brings up exactly the kind of situation seen in Randy’s screenshot.

The limit of 10 search results makes it physically impossible to set some dependencies, because the desired subtask simply doesn’t appear in the results list. I’m not sure what the sort order is for these results, but it’s clearly not by “proximity.” Most times I’m trying to select a sibling subtask within the same parent. You’d think such a sibling would show up first in the results, but it’s always somewhere random down the list, or it doesn’t make the 10-item cut at all.

Additionally, what makes this feature nearly unusable at times is when the subtask/task names are long enough to get cut off at the arbitrary width of the search results box. Sometimes I can’t accurately identify which result to choose, because I can’t see the full parent task title in order to differentiate them.


Thank you for this detailed feedback, Darbie! I’ll forward this information on to our product team.


Do subtasks not appear as options when choosing what my other subtask is dependent? We have a checklist of items and each one is dependent on the previous subtask being completed – but I am only seeing parent-level tasks appear when picking dependencies?


I made a task dependent on subtasks… on the desktop, it now removes the checkbox and says waiting on 4 dependencies, but on the mobile version, the checkbox remains and i can check off the task without the subtasks being completed… this seems wrong.