Task Dependency Limit Discrepancy

Hey All,
This is kind of a bug and kind of a feature request and kind of a hack so… not entirely sure where to put it.
Tasks currently have a limit of 30 dependencies (Asana does not let you add more than 30 to an existing task)
If you put more than 30 dependencies on a task within a template then it seems to work with no issue

Just trying to figure out if one of these is a glitch or if it’s a workaround or what.
(also, if having more than 30 dependencies on a task causes some kind of fail, maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to do that in a template? But if it doesn’t cause any issues maybe you should be allowed to add more than 30 to an existing project?)


Hi @anon42398731,

You are correct; Asana is inconsistent in its treatment of dependencies.

At the database level, I’m told the limit is 45 total dependents + dependencies on a task. However, there are a few places in the UI, like you mention, which enforce different, and inconsistent, limits than that. I know they have general plans to make it all consistent, but no idea where that falls in their prioritization of things to do.

I wish it was all consistent and I added my vote here!