Set dependencies endpoint hitting limit when it shouldn't


I’m working with task dependencies via the API and I’m getting an error that the number of links have exceeded the maximum on tasks, where that’s clearly not the case - dependends + dependencies just don’t add up to the limit (I think the limit is 45? and my worst case scenario is grand total of ~34ish)

Since it’s a bit difficult for me to test, I was wondering if i could get some clarification on how the /tasks/{task_gid}/addDependencies endpoint works. Firstly, in the API docs, the title says “Set dependencies” but the endpoint is named different. I’m wondering whether I first need to remove all (or just unwanted dependencies) from a task before using the addDependencies endpoint to add the missing ones, or whether it should remove them automatically and add the missing ones after (which is what I’d expect a “Set dependencies” endpoint to do).

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Petr_Ježek,

It will not remove anything when you call that endpoint, only add to what may already be set. So you’d need to remove any unwanted ones yourself.