Dependent task is not found


Hi all,

I ran across an odd occurrence today; I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this…

I retrieved a task using an endpoint like this:


It returned an array of 3 dependents.

I then called the same type of endpoint for each of the 3 dependent tasks (i.e. return the data for a particular task). Two of the dependent tasks were retrieved fine. But on one of the 3, I received a 404-Not found error!

Has anyone encountered this before: a scenario where a Task ID is returned as a dependent task, but then when trying to retrieve that dependent task, Asana says it doesn’t exist? I don’t get why that should ever occur.


Hi @Phil_Seeman,

We investigated this after seeing your report and found an issue with one of our queries. We’ve created a fix for it which should now be deployed to production, and you should no longer see trashed tasks in the dependents and dependencies field on tasks. Sorry for the trouble!